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Venue Capacity

  • What is the maximum amount of people your venue can seat?
We can seat a maximum of 140 folks.  


  • Can I provide my own food?

Yes, you can provide your own food or have it catered.


  • Is security required for Events?

Security is required after 8:30 PM for any event.

  • Is the cost of security included in the package price?

The cost of security is included for any package after 8:30 PM.

  • Can I contract security and deduct it from the package price?

No, Five A Events has a contract for security and we have an obligation to honor that contract with our vendor.

Items included in package

  • Do you provide tables, chairs, and linens for your reception halls?


Tables, chairs, table runners (any color) and table linen (black or white) are provided.

  • What types of tables are available?

72″ round tables [seat 10-12] and 8′ rectangular tables for food set up, main table

  • Who sets up the tables, chairs and linen?

Five A Events will coordinate with you to set up the tables and chairs. We do all set up and breakdown of the tables including provided linen as agreed on the contract.

  • If the package selected doesn't have enough seating, can we include additional tables and chairs?

Five A Events will provide additional table and chairs, we charge $25 dollars for the linen per extra table requested up to the 140 folks limit.


  • What decor restrictions exist indoors?

The following items are not allowed: sand, candles, glitter, paper confetti, fresh dark rose petals, bubbles, hay, birdseed, and silly string. We prohibit any nailing, screwing, or stapling on any surfaces in the venue. Nothing is permitted on the walls.

  • Can I contract a vendor for the décor?

Yes, you can contract your own decorator for the event or we can provide. Five A Events is not responsible for any damages to rented items.


  • How many parking spots are there in the venue?

We have 2 handicap accessible spots and 48 regular spots.

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